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NY Book Doctor


Let’s work together.

I know that it can be difficult to get the perspective you need to elevate your manuscript to the next level, to look at what you’ve written with fresh eyes and know what’s needed to improve it, to solve structural problems or more granular problems of rhythm and language. It may not be possible, on your own, to get the distance required. That’s when an outside editor, someone who’s not family or friend, can be invaluable.


I’ve worked as an editor at both magazines and literary journals. I’ve written and published books with major houses. I know the business from both sides. It’s given me perspective on what writers struggle with and how editors and publishers think.

Let me take a look at your manuscript. I’ll tell you what it needs and how to get it there.

Get the expert opinion of someone who’s been there.

Send me a sample of your work and I’ll gauge whether it’s something I think has potential and whether or not it makes sense for us to work together. I’m selective about the books I take on. It doesn’t serve me or my clients if I don’t believe in the potential of their work or feel that I know how to best help them achieve that potential.


I come from a family of writers and editors, where no one ever held back in saying exactly what they thought or felt about a piece of work. It wasn’t always pretty to be on the receiving end, but ultimately it always proved helpful. Our family motto was, “Do you want to feel good? Or do you want to get better?”


If you want to get better, I’m here to help.


If you’re serious about improving your work, if you’re willing to listen with an open mind and a desire to take your work to the next level, I promise you that I’ll help you get your book (or story or screenplay or article) where it needs to go.

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