About Peter

Do any of your books come signed?

Yes. Just make sure to select this option when checking out.

Do you offer bundles for your books?


Where can I find out about future releases?

Check out our social media panels (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc).

About Podcasts

Where can we listen to your podcasts?

The links are posted on my website, but they are also on Apple Podcasts or SoundCloud.

Are the podcasts available in a different language?

Not at the moment, but we are working on direct translation.

Do you need a subscription to listen to the podcasts?

No, they are completely free!

About Editorial Services

How can we go about having you as the editor of my project?

You can contact me via my website and we can have a consultation via email or phone. After reading and talking about your project, I will let you know if we can work together.

Do I need to give you a full manucript or can I give it to you in chapters?

Either way is fine.

Do you edit electronically or on hard copy?

Electronically is preferred.

Can you provide me with a free sample edit?

Sorry, we don't offer sample services at this moment. Thank you for your interest!

Will I be able to ask you follow-up questions and correspond with you after the edit?

Yes, however, it will take 3-4 business days for a response.

Will you help me find an agent (or help me with self-publishing?)

Actually, we offer publishing services through Arbitrary Press.

How much will it cost for you to edit my book?

It depends on how much editing is needed and how long the manuscript is.

About Publishing

Do I need a literary agent in order to get published by Arbitrary Press?

It can be done with an agent or just the author, but an author platform is needed.

Do I retain all the rights to my book?

Yes, you keep all of the rights to your books.

What is the total cost?

Contact us for more information.

Will I get book sales reports?


What will my royalty rate be, and how often or when will I get paid?

This will be determined later.

Do you publish any genre of book?


May I contact a couple of authors who you currently publish?


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