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Updated: Dec 28, 2020

I told myself that I wasn’t going to write any more about politics unless I felt like what I had to say wasn’t being said elsewhere. The truth is I don’t know if this is being said elsewhere, but I was enraged enough after reading Patrick Healy’s “News Analysis” piece in yesterday’s New York Times, “Bernie Sanders Falls Behind in a Race Centered on Security,”nytimes.com/…/bernie-sanders-falls-behind-in-a-race-centered-on-security that I felt like I had to address it.

It’s bad enough that the Republicans have turned terrorism into their Big Issue. We know that fear-mongering is pretty much all they have going for them, led by their resident bully (who wants to become President Bully) the big bad Donald Trump. Now the Democrats (make that Hillary) are jumping on the Terror Bandwagon because they’re afraid not to.

But to have The New York Times reinforce the narrative, making it seem as if only someone with their head in the sand like Bernie Sanders wouldn’t understand that security is the Big Issue facing this country, well, it just put me over the fucking edge. For God’s sake, people, are we going to let the Powers that Be, of which the paper of record is clearly a part, distract us once again from who’s really sticking it to us?

Hint: it ain’t Isis.

Economic Inequality, not just in this country, but all over the world, is the single biggest threat to stability and peace. We the People are pissed off and vulnerable. We’re pissed off because we know that things aren’t fair; and we’re vulnerable because we’re not sure who to blame. In a state like that we’re susceptible to all our worst tendencies, letting fear rule us, even when it’s not based on a measurable reality. In other words, we have become easy to manipulate and distract. And as a consequence we’re doing dumb things like putting our faith in dispicable dickhead cretins like Donald Trump (all right, not all of us support him, but can you believe how many actually do?)

I’m not saying that Isis isn’t a real threat. I’m just saying that if you decide to venture out of your house, you have a much greater chance of being killed by some random nut with a gun than you do of being killed by an Isis nut with a gun. So let’s get real about that and not blow it out of proportion–or listen to the people who are blowing it out of proportion. Like Fox News. And all of the Presidential candidates. And now The New York Times.

Bernie may not be perfect, he’s probably a long way from that. I have no idea if he would be a good president. But I do know that he’s the only person in the room who’s talking about the real issues in a meaningful way and speaking truth to power–and the establishment is terrified of him because of that. They’ll do everything they can to make it seem as if he has no shot because that’s what they do. So let’s not fall in line the way they expect us to. Baaaaa, motherfuckers!

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